August 6, 2003

Neptune's vital statistics

Neptune's vital statistics
 NeptuneEarthNeptune/Earth Ratio
Equatorial diameter49,528 km12,756 km3.88
Mass102.4 x 1021 t5.9 x 1021 t17.15
Mean density1.645.520.30
Rotation period16 h 06 min23 h 56 min0.67
Revolution period (Neptunian year)60,189 days or 164 Earth days365 Earth days164.79
Length of a solar day16 h 06 min24 h0.67
Surface gravity11.15 m/s29.8 m/s21.14
Natural satellites131---
Ring systemYesNo---
Aphelion4,545 million km152 million km29.88
Perihelion4,444 million km147 million km31.22
Furthest distance from Earth4,687 million km------
Closest distance to Earth4,305 million km------

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