June 14, 2023

Annual report 2022

Our annual report 2022 is available!

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The CNES annual report includes elements of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy. By presenting a synthetic and global vision of the value created by CNES for all its stakeholders, we have made a greater commitment to transparency.

The signing of the new COP, the ESA ministerial conference and IAC held in Paris, the French presidency of the European Union, record funding announcements... 2022 has been a particularly rich year for the French space industry, which is pursuing an ambitious trajectory.

By cultivating high-level technical expertise and strong ties with its partners, CNES is positioning itself at the heart of France's space ambitions, and we are building major missions for the future. 2022 results bear witness to this, with sustained activity in all our fields of activity.

We hope that this report will provide a better understanding of CNES's activities and their added value for society, environment, citizens and our employees.