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Ariane 5 ECA joins the family

14 February 2005

Ariane 5 ECA readies for eagerly awaited return to flight

9 February 2005

First clues from Titan

31 January 2005
Crédits : ESA/NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

Parasol captures first pictures

20 January 2005
One of the first pictures taken by Parasol (colour composite) ; credits Cnes

14 January 2005 timeline

Huygens: an emotional first encounter with Titan

17 January 2005

SPOT 5 aids relief effort in Asia

12 January, 2005

On 26 December 2004, the sprang into action to acquire imagery for French disaster relief teams. CNES is coordinating SPOT satellite tasking and generation of satellite data products with the SERTIT* regional image processing and remote sensing department in Strasbourg.

Ariane turns 25

4 January 2005

One of CNES’ prime objectives on its inception in 1961 was to acquire the expertise needed to build a launcher—a goal it reached in 1965 with the first flight of the Diamant launcher. In 1973, 10 European nations—including France—decided to develop a launcher called LIIIS (a French acronym for 3rd-generation replacement launcher), better known as Ariane.

Huygens set for the big jump

16 December 2004

Back to the Sun

16 December 2004

Solar activity and climate