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Joint French-Israeli VENUS mission

1st joint French-Israeli mission

One year ago, France and Israel completed the 1st phase of their joint VENµS* mission, validating the main concepts. Today, they have consolidated the foundations of the programme and VENµS has entered its development phase.
CNES President Yannick d'Escatha and Isa Director General Zvi Kaplan signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) concerning the mission on 12 April.

Balloons in equatorial environment

21 June 2005

CNES at the Paris Air Show - The week’s highlights

22 June 2005

New partnerships

Throughout the week, the CNES pavilion at Le Bourget received more than 11,000 visitors from the aerospace industry and public.

CNES at the Paris Air Show

13 June 2005

On Earth, in space: CNES on show at Le Bourget

The Paris Air Show is an opportunity for CNES to showcase its role as France’s space agency and meet its partners.

François Goulard is new Minister for Research

6 June 2005
François Goulard

Calipso satellite arrives in the United States

3 June 2005

Calipso prepares for launch

The Calipso satellite has been shipped from its construction facility in Cannes, France, to Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, where CNES, Alcatel Space and Nasa are now making final preparations prior to launch.

End of Wise bedrest campaign

23 Mai 2005

Up and about again

After 60 days, the 1st Wise bedrest experiment campaign is now over for the 12 women volunteers.

4 villages test drive the communications-enabled concept

20 May 2005

4 test villages

The communications-enabled village imagined by CNES is about to come true. Designed to help bridge the digital divide, this concept will be deployed in 4 French municipalities.

New Argos and Sarsat instruments in orbit

23 May 2005

A world benchmark

Envisat and CNES balloons keep track of ozone

9 May 2005
The layer ozone hole above Antarctica seen by Envisat ; credits ESA