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New CNES website feature focuses on Space and Climate

10 November 2005

Clouds, winds, ocean currents and satellites … all in one place

How does the Gulf Stream work? Is the greenhouse effect always harmful? And what about clouds?

Calipso to launch end October

26 September 2005

Strateole-Vorcore campaign studies the Antarctic ozone layer

5 September 2005

Monitoring the ozone hole in situ

CryoSat all set to monitor sea ice

23 August 2005

Venus Express readying for the off

10 August 2005

Functional tests successfully completed

The Venus Express spacecraft recently completed development and integration at Intespace in Toulouse, France.

Casolba, enhancing the quality of solar arrays

8 August 2005

Mission success

The Casolba* flight was a complete success, with no less than 47 measurement-gathering sessions. All measurements were highly satisfactory. The mission objective was to use a stratospheric balloon flight to calibrate solar cells.

Elint partnership with DGA confirmed

28 July 2005

Intelligence demonstrator

On 13 July 2005, the CNES Board of Directors approved CNES’s participation in the Elint project, an electromagnetic intelligence preparatory mission.

A CNES-Esa agreement on launcher Soyuz at the Guiana Space Center

26 July 2005

CNES and Esa make the Soyuz project move forward

An innovative project to mitigate orbital pollution

19 July 2005

Mitigating space pollution

Deep Impact puts on a deep space firework show for Independence Day

5 July 2005